Classes and Events

Sunday, April 10th: 3:30 – 7:30pm
Healthy Sweet Treats Cooking Class!

Monday, May 2nd: 7:00 – 9:00pm
Feeding Your Children Well In A World That Doesn’t





















Healthy Sweet Treats Cooking Class!

Nina’s Kitchen
Apr. 10th 3:30 – 7:30pm


Would you love to feel great about the treats you give your kids instead of feeling guilty that you are adding more sugar and white flour to their diet?
BULLET Would you like to make delicious sweet treats that you can offer up and then say with ease “Sure, have another one!”.
Would you like to have the support of other women who are ready to make healthy changes in their life.Would you like weekly support to make the changes in your life really happen.Want to feel fabulous by the time spring hits?

If so, come to my own kitchen and learn, hands on:

BULLET How to make cookies, candies, bars and more that are delicious and nutritious! We’ll be making 7 healthy sweet treat recipes.
BULLET How to work with natural sweeteners that actually contribute to your kids health instead of diminishing their health.
BULLET What to add to your sweet treats that will give your kids the long lasting energy and focus they really need versus the sugar highs and lows that come from standard sweets.
BULLET How to get your kids into the kitchen and making their own healthy treats!
Early Bird Special Price $165
Until March 25th.

Feeding Your Children Well In A World That Doesn’t

Nina’s Kitchen
Feb. 13th 1:30 – 5:30pm

As hard as we all try to give our kids healthy food choices, there are temptations at every turn: birthday parties, holidays, school and community events, snack shops and cafes. Not always the best choices, so what’s a conscientious mom to do? 

Nina Manolson is a mom, health coach and counselor whose work is also her passion, and it shows. This class will provide practical tools and easy strategies for a whole foods diet — and fun treats, too — that you can feel great about. Come and learn:

How to make sugar free sweet treats that your kids will love without ever knowing the difference.
BULLET Top five tips for getting more fruits and vegetables into your kids’ diet.
BULLET How to recognize and avoid the sneaky ways we’re seduced into buying and eating things we’d rather not.
BULLET Ways around the "candy tantrum" we’ve all suffered through at the store.
BULLET Powerful strategies for healthy eating that don’t cost a cent.
BULLET The secret weapon we all have in our house that can help us make a change now!
Participants will receive recipes, tastes, handouts — and inspiration tomake small changes that can make a really big difference in your family’s diet.


This is a 2 hour class that is fabulous for groups of 10 and more. 

Would you like to have Nina come and teach to your community? Get somefriends together, organize your school. Bringing the Feeding Your Children Well In A World That Doesn’t Class into your community will create the support you need to make family wellness a reality in your home!




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